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chapter Awards & Recognition

Gold Torch Award* - The Gold Torch honors chapters that exemplify scholarship, leadership, and service. They are dedicated to Mortar Board and its purpose and Ideals, and are active on their campus in ways that improve the quality of student life.


Silver Torch Award - The Silver Torch signifies that the chapter has met all standards.

Chapter Excellence Award** - This award is given to a chapter that has performed with excellence in chapter operations, advising, visibility, communications, and participation. This is the highest honor that a chapter can receive.

Project Excellence Award* - Recognizes outstanding chapter projects with high member participation. A chapter must be nominated to receive this award.

Most Improved Chapter Award* 

Section Coordinator of the year Award

Starlington Prize 

* signifies a high honor award, ** signifies the highest honor award

Past Awards since 2018

2023 - Gold Torch Award*, Project Excellence**, Outstanding Achievement in Chapter Communication*

2022 - Gold Torch Award*

2021 - Section Coordinator of the Year, Gold Torch Award*

2019- Gold Torch Award*, Project Excellence Award**

2018 - Most Improved Chapter*

Prize Badge

* signifies a high honor award, ** signifies the highest honor award

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